Christmas and Holiday Gift Ideas for the Car Lover in Your Life

Date: 2014-11-20

It’s the season of giving and with the holidays just around the corner, it’s time to start thinking about what kind of presents you want to give to all the special people in your life. It can be stressful trying to search out the perfect gift for every person on your nice list, but emzone has you covered with ideas to cross the car lover off your “to buy” list!


Here are a few Christmas and holiday gift ideas for the car lover in your life:

Emzone Gift

  • emzone Gift Basket – emzone has a variety of lubricant, degreaser, rust control, appearance and odor neutralizing products to deal with all your maintenance and detailing needs. The car lover in your life will love emzone’s wide product selection for your car, from Waterless Wash & Wax to Brake & Parts Cleaner to Foaming Glass Cleaner and everything else in between!


  • Personalized License Plate – This is a great gift idea for the car lover in your life! A personalized license plate allows you to get creative and show off the personality of the driver behind the wheel. Some unique license plate ideas could include: I♥MYCAR, 2FAST4U, FIREBALL, HYPRDRV, and ND4SPED.


  • Racing Video Games – Too cold to go for a drive? Racing video games could be a great alternative for the car lover who doesn’t want to venture out in the cold and snow. With game play in action, the driving experience can continue long into the winter.


  • Car-Related T-shirt – Any car lover would be proud to wear any t-shirt that relates to cars, whether it has a funny pun or a famous brand name on it. If your car fan is obsessed with a certain brand of car, why not get them a shirt with their favourite one?

 Car Lover T -shirt

  • GPS – No need to stop and ask for directions anymore with this gift idea! This is perfect for any car lover, whether they like to travel or they just want to get from point A to point B. There are many different models out there to choose from and depending on the model you choose, this could be a very useful and inexpensive gift.


  • Handheld Automotive Vacuum – Make on-the-go cleanups quick and easy for the car lover with this neat gift! It also helps with clean-ups outside of the car, including in the garage and home.




Gift giving doesn’t have to be difficult and emzone is here to help save you the stress!




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