How to Prevent your Car from Rusting

Date: 2013-11-20

SportscarWith time, a car's body gradually corrodes by a natural chemical reaction with the
environment it's in. Typically, one will find that the edges of their vehicle, near a tire or the underside of their car will rust showcasing a brownish metal instead of the original paint colour of the car. This tends to happen due to the moisture in the air. Rusting is the corrosion of iron. It is possible to remove corrosion in many cases. However, it is much better to prevent it. Cars, trucks and boats are extremely likely to corrode over time. Rust affects the car's paint, braking system, tailpipe, doors, hood, bumper and fender. The winter season's salty conditions result in a higher likelihood of rust on your vehicle.


Corrosion is caused by:


  • Finger marks on cars
  • High levels of water
  • Certain soaps (i.e. dish soap) when washing car
  • High levels of humidity
  • Seawater
  • Gases in the atmosphere
  • Dirt
  • Road salt


Tips to Prevent Corrosion:


  • Wash your car weekly to get rid of the causations of corrosion
  • Wax your car regularly
  • Spray undercarriage to free it of dirt and salt


Need to get your vehicle ready for winter? Try our rust-proof products!  emzone Corrosion Guard prevents the rusting of metals. It is designed to prevent rust while displacing moisture and penetrating small crevices. emzone Pro-Tex No Drip Oil is a heavy-duty lubricant. It provides greater protection against rust minimizing the effects of winter conditions on your vehicle or outdoor equipment. It coats and protects against nature's elements. It is also water resistant. Both products contain corrosion inhibitors to help prevent rust.  Ideal for cars, trucks, equipment and boats.

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Reviewed by June S.

(How to Prevent your Car from Rusting) Who knew that so many things can help to rust out your car, and leave it looking pretty ugly looking. Mine has some rust spots on it right now. Poor thing.......:( :(

Reviewed by Kathy Pease

Great tips here in Vermont we have a big time problem with our vehicles these tips will come in very handy :)

Reviewed by Lorayne Gothard

I never knew that finger marks could cause rusting!! Thank you for the information and the great products

Reviewed by Helga B

Rust is a serious issue, thanks!

Reviewed by Kevin Linkie

GREAT Tips, I regularly wax my car but should spray underneath more, not something I think about often. Kevin LInkie

Reviewed by Rebecca Parsons

I knew most of the reason for rust but will be watching more of the soaps I use to wash my vehicle. Great tips.

Reviewed by Ronald Gagnon

I've owned vehicles for over 40 years and I still learned something

Reviewed by Laura Lanza

Good information - thanks!

Reviewed by sylvia shaw

Thanks for all the great tips on preventing rust

Reviewed by lori galbraith

We just moved to a climate that has allot more snow, hence the possiblity of allot more rust from salting the roads. Thanks for the tips on how to protect from rust.

Reviewed by Elizabeth Matthiesen

marvellous tips, thank you so much. I need all the help I can get as I'm not a handy type of person.

Reviewed by kristen visser

really good to know!!! great tips thank you

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