Removing Salt Stains from Your Car’s Carpet

Date: 2014-01-29

Removing Salt Stains from Your Car's Carpet

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As one of Canada's worst winters, 2014 has been ruining car carpets with salt stains across the country. Ending 2013 with an ice storm, it's no wonder why our streets are covered in salt which transfer onto our shoes and into our cars. Salt stains produce a white residue on your mats. Not removing salt from your carpets and mats regularly can eventually lead to the rusting of your car's underbody.


Step 1: Use a product like emzone Salt & Stain Remover

emzone's Salt & Stain Remover has been specially formulated to deep clean, break up and remove stubborn salt from your car's interior without water. Generic house cleaners won't work as effectively as they're not created for the purpose of cleaning tough salt stains.


Step 2: Hold the can 8"-12" away from the carpet or mats and spray area liberally

Be generous with how much you apply so that you have more deep cleaning action on your carpets and mats.


Step 3: Let stand for 3-5 minutes

Allow the mats and carpets to absorb the deep cleaning agents to make it easier to remove the stains. Not allowing it to absorb will result in needing more scrubbing action.


Step 4: If necessary, scrub with a brush

If the stains have been there since winter started, you may be required to scrub the stains out. Cleaning salt stains off your carpets and mats on a weekly basis will prevent build up while also making it easier to clean.


Step 5: Use a clean cloth, sponge or wet vacuum to remove residue and moisture from treated area.

Should salt stains still be present, repeat steps 1 to 5 over again. HINT: For older or heavily caked on salt, soak with hot water beforehand to make removal simpler.


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Reviewed by Elizabeth Matthiesen

Another thing to remember is to always shake off your boots to get rid of as much snow as possible before putting your feet into the car - this helps enormously to prevent too many salt stains, rubber mats do the rest :-)

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