Tips for Buying a Used Car

Date: 2014-07-23

Used Car - Rebecca


For those interested in buying a used car, it makes a lot of sense financially. However, it can get pretty confusing and become a challenging experience for you, especially if you’re out shopping for your first car.



There are many things you should consider and steps you should

take before buying a used car, so before you buy, here are some

tips we recommend doing first:




Tip #1 - Ask yourself what exactly you are looking for in a car. Do you need a larger trunk? How about 5 seats for carpooling purposes? Are you looking for a car that’s better on gas? What is your car budget?



Tip #2 - Make sure to do your research. Look around online, ask friends and family, and visit dealerships to receive some sort of guidance and advice about what kind of car to look at.



Tip #3 - When you find a used car you’re interested in, always make sure to inspect the vehicle both inside and out. Carefully check the condition of the car, making note of any damages such as dents, scratches, rust spots, etc on the outside and any tears, rips, stains, etc on the inside. Never forget to pop the hood of the car to see the condition of the engine, hoses, belts, etc.



Tip #4 - Ask the seller any questions you may have about the car. Such questions can include asking for the year of the car, price, history and previous owners of the car, prior accidents, mileage, etc.



Tip #5 - If you are happy with the condition of the car and it is within your budget, before even considering buying the car, make sure to take the car out on a test drive. You want to see how the car feels out on the road. Look for how the gas and brake petals feel, how the air-conditioner works, where your lights, wipers, signals, and other controls are located, and if the mileage was quoted correctly to you.



Tip #6 - Go back and research again for more cars. Make sure that this is the best car that meets your needs and is within your budget. See if you can find a better car for an even better price.



Tip #7 - If you have settled on a car and have completed the previous tips, return to inspect the car again. This time however bring along a friend or family member who has more knowledge about cars. If you can, bring the car to your mechanic as well to have a full inspection done to make sure the car is safe and in road-worthy condition.



Tip #8 - If you are ready to purchase the used car, never settle for the sticker price. Keep your budget in mind and try to haggle the price down to fit into your budget. If you had done your research earlier, you should have an idea of a fair price for this type of car. Sometimes too the seller may be willing to throw in extras as well to encourage you more to purchase the car. Also make sure to use any damages you previously noted on the car to your advantage in order to get the seller to lower the price of the car a bit more.



Tip #9 - If you have settled on a price, make sure to fill out all the proper paperwork regarding the car. Make sure to read all the fine print and make sure before signing that what was discussed between you and the seller is noted on the paperwork, such as if there are any damages that the seller agreed to fix.



Tip #10 - Congratulations on your new car! Time to celebrate with friends and family and start accessorizing and cleaning up your used car. emzone’s automotive care line contains many specific types of products that will work hard to keep your car shining and in tip-top shape!


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Buying a used car doesn’t have to be a difficult process and with these tips, we know it will be an exciting and enjoyable new experience for you!

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