How dirty are cellphones?

Date: 2013-10-08

How dirty are cellphones?


Dreamstime _xs _33186794Cellphones are one of the dirtiest things you touch. For many, it's one of the first things you touch in the morning, you text while on your lunch break, and you touch it more than you touch anything else throughout your day. You also keep it in various places where bacteria may be such as the bottom of a purse, a countertop or a desk. It sometimes also gets into the hands of friends or coworkers who you may be showing pictures or videos to. With most smartphones being touch screen, your fingerprints end up all over the screen. Many think that toilet seats and doorknobs are high in bacteria but they get cleaned on a regular basis whereas people clean their phones less frequently. Since there are tens of thousands of bacteria on each square inch of your phone what people need to do is incorporate smartphone and tablet cleaning into their regular cleaning routine.


Over in the United Kingdom, a study done by the London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine showed that one in every six mobile phones within Britain is actually contaminated with fecal matter. Gross. The reason for this occurrence is believed to be from people failing to thoroughly wash their hands with soap after using the washroom. If that weren't bad enough, 16% of the phones in the study were found to have E. coli bacteria on it.


How Often Should I clean my phone?


Since bacteria is able to live on your phone for up to a week, your phone should be cleaned with a screen cleaner every single day to clean away the dirt, fingerprint and bacteria buildup. emzone's Foaming Screen Cleaner can be kept by your desk so that you are regularly reminded to clean your touch screens. Simply spray the screen cleaner onto your phone and with an emzone Microfibre Cloth remove the dirt, smudges and germs from your phone. Remember: using dish soap or other household products to clean your phone may be too harsh and may scratch or damage the surface, especially if it contains alcohol. In addition, remember to wash your hands thoroughly with soap and water throughout the day to help eliminate bacteria on your hands. emzone products have been proven to be safe on smartphones.

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Reviewed by Lynda Cook

I don't clean my phone enough and I really should, thanks for sharing

Reviewed by Kevin Linkie

Ugg I am always cleaning mine as I hear it all the time now how dirty they are. Kevin Linkie

Reviewed by candy kratzer wenzel

I am tell my kid about this. She lives on her cell.

Reviewed by Treen Goodwin

Wow i didn't know cell phones where that dirty , that is acctually really gross guess i need to try the emzone's Foaming Screen Cleaner

Reviewed by Denise Weatherly

Never thought about bacteria being on the cellphone. I definitely need to start cleaning it. And we need to keep it away from the babies...

Reviewed by Trina Goodwin

16% of the phones in the study were found to have E. coli bacteria on it. that's scary and that's something i have learned

Reviewed by S Babij

Very interesting! I havent really given that much thought - but it makes sense! Eeep!

Reviewed by Victoria

I learned that studies have found that cell phones are rife with bacteria! Never thought of that before.

Reviewed by Susan Wilson

OMG who knew how dirty our cell phones were!!!!

Reviewed by Susan T.

This is rather horrifying!

Reviewed by Jennifer Conlin

Noe I have the immediate urge to clean all Phones! Yikes.

Reviewed by Judy Cowan

After reading this I have a desire to run and clean all of our cell phones. I don't remember the last time I cleaned them or if I ever have :( It is definitely going on the to do list!!!

Reviewed by Tom Ds

Wow! I learned I should be washing my phone off every day!

Reviewed by Sharon Silljer

Wow, I never thought about how filthy our cell phones really are!

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