How Much Time Should You Devote to Cleaning?

Date: 2013-10-04

How Much Time Should You Devote to Cleaning?


How much time should you devote to cleaning?Cleaning is an activity that most have a love-hate relationship with. While we all see the value to it, we often get so caught up in other priorities that cleaning gets put on the backburner. Other times, we get so focused on cleaning that we fail to enjoy life. People need to find a balance in their lives that incorporates cleaning into daily routines while also fulfilling their responsibilities and allowing them to kick back and relax for a bit. Many have seen people build up their stress levels because all they do is commit to their responsibilities without taking a break. We need to work full-time to pay bills, clean our houses to look presentable to visitors, maintain our relationships with our partner, family and friends while also finding time for ourselves to simply unwind.


Why do so many women obsess with cleaning?


Many women feel the obligation to fulfill household duties. While studies show that men contribute to the household more than they have in the past, women are more likely to stress the importance of cleaning their household. With the emergence of Pinterest, women are able to see home décor ideas more easily. As a result, they see homes that were intentionally staged thinking that most people have custom-made million dollar homes. Realistically, most people don't post pictures of their homes on Pinterest. Usually, designers and stores selling particular items post clean, organized and decorated rooms to appeal to their target audience - women. After all, Pinterest's target demographic is female. Society puts more pressure on women to have these perfectly clean and decorated homes that are well out of the average family's price range. When you add young children to your family, cleaning becomes much more challenging. As a result, that perfectly cleaned home becomes more of a dream instead of a reality. Nevertheless, cleaning the home is essential to maintain good health. Dust build-up puts us at higher risk of activating allergies. Cleaning a home also reduces the amount of bacteria accumulating as well.


So, how much time should you devote to cleaning?


Clean one or two rooms a day. This allows for spacing out your work so that you don't spend your entire weekend cleaning. Cleaning a little bit each day keeps messes at bay. If possible, clean-up messes as they happen. While having children may complicate your ability to keep rooms clean as often. Cleaning a bit after you've put the children to bed may help keep the home cleaner longer. Depending on how large your home is, you'll be better able to answer how much time you should devote to cleaning. Avoid building up messes to  keep your mind at ease. For instance, Sundays can be used to clean the kitchen. Mondays you can focus on cleaning the bathroom and living room. Tuesdays can be devoted to the dining room and your bedroom and so forth.


Cleaning the home should be just one small aspect of your life. Stressing about a messy home is just as unhealthy as eating junk food daily. Remember to find time for yourself as you juggle with your many priorities. 

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I clean once a week usually ie dusting & vacuuming. Things like washing up, cooking, shopping get done daily or as needed.

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