The 10 Minute Clean-Up

Date: 2013-09-18

The 10 Minute Clean-Up


10 Minute Clean UpWe're all busy people. Sometimes we only have about 10 minutes to clean-up. Whether you have young children, pets, a demanding job or 10 minutes before guests arrive, there never seems to be enough time to give your place the proper clean. Exhaustion builds up over the week giving you less energy to keep your home looking its best. If you're looking to have a clean home without spending hours each week scrubbing on your hands and knees, then we've got some tips to speed up your cleaning time.


  • Grab a garbage bag and two baskets (30 seconds)
  • Throw out any trash, like candy wrappers or old newspapers into the garbage bag or recycling bin. (1 minutes).
  • The two baskets can be organized in anyway you like. For example, you can use one to put any magazines or clothes lying on the floor, while you can use the other for children's toys or pieces of paper. Use this system to quickly clean up messes without having to do a heavy duty clean. (2 minutes).
  • After everything has been put into baskets, grab an emzone All-Purpose Surface Cleaning Wipes to clean tables and furniture. If you have a laptop, iPad, television or other screen in the room, use an emzone Foaming Screen Cleaner with Microfibre Cloth to keep screens free of dust and dirt. (1 minute).
  • Use an emzone Air Duster or emzone Microfibre Cloth to remove any dust from shelving units. (30 seconds).
  • Bring the garbage outside. (30 seconds).
  • Put the items in the baskets away where they belong. (4 minutes).
  • Spray an air freshener in the room and relax! (30 seconds).




  • Play 3 upbeat songs in the background to get your adrenaline pumping for cleaning. Cleaning in silence only reinforces the idea that cleaning is a chore.
  • If you have children, try making cleaning a game. This won't always work depending on the age of your child. However, you can try things like throwing the toys into the basket (like basketball) or 'Who Can Clean the Fastest?' or providing rewards for their cleaning efforts.
  • Take pictures of the room you cleaned and post pictures on Facebook of your clean accomplishment. The likes from friends will help make you feel good.

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Reviewed by Treen Goodwin

Great tips , sometimes i clean faster in 10 minutes than i do all day , but these are great tips and helpful !!

Reviewed by Kevin Linkie

GREAT tips as usual. I spend about 30 minutes a day cleaning so I can stay on top of everything.. thats all it takes if you keep up with it. Kevin Linkie

Reviewed by Elizabeth Matthiesen

that really is a quick clean-up, I could never do it in such a short time - or was this just one room?

Reviewed by Anna Johnson

Great tips-always looking for ways to cut cleaning time! I'll have to get these emzone cleaners and wipes.

Reviewed by Jo-Anne Pfoh

These are great tips thank you for the post and info

Reviewed by kristin gilbert

I need this thank you!

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