The keyboard: a lurking biohazard?

Date: 2015-08-06


There’s no question that we all live in a society driven by technology. Each passing year sees us interact more and more with increasingly high-tech computers both at work and at home, making them vital partners in our everyday engagements. This interaction is mostly achieved by the use of the classic keyboard and our very own fingers, working together for hours on end to meet those tight deadlines and to get work done! But what most of us do not realize is that every single keystroke on a well-used keyboard puts us into direct contact with millions of harmful bacteria, all of which deposit onto our fingertips and then get transferred to other parts of our body that we unknowingly touch during the day. Just think of the times you’ve touched your face or hair while working on a computer, or even eaten your lunch at your desk – it’s a potential hazard hiding in plain sight!

A recent study by a reputable British computing magazine found that computer keyboards in most workplaces are heavily contaminated. They tested a total of 33 keyboards from different offices for harmful microorganisms and compared the bacterial type and count with samples collected from dirty public toilets and public washroom doorknobs. The results were shocking. The keyboards were found to be dirtier than public toilet seats and were home to colonies of e-coli, staphylococcus aureus, Enterobacteriaceae and coliforms, all of which are extremely harmful and represent a potential health hazard. One of the keyboards actually had 155 times more bacteria than a toilet seat, and was immediately removed and put in quarantine!

Therefore, we can see that keeping keyboards clean should be a part of our regular routine, and ideally, personal keyboards should be thoroughly cleaned at least once a week while shared ones need to be cleaned once or even twice every day. Sounds a little choresome? Don’t worry! A set of good cleaning tools by emzone will make this job an absolute breeze, all of which are compiled in the list below and can be found online at


emzone Air Duster

Suffering from an unresponsive key? You might want to keep that cookie craving in check. Holding a keyboard upside down and giving it a good juggle can solve the problem on an average day, but it’s not always the solution. Well, that’s where the emzone Air Duster comes in! This handy tool sprays compressed gas through a targeting straw, which can help you reach the nearly-impossible-to-get-at particles of dust all around your keyboard’s keys. Tilt the keyboard on its side, fire away with the emzone Air Duster and watch as all the little hidden pieces of dirt and food fall to the side. It’s fast, simple and extremely effective. Job done!


emzone Surface Cleaning Wipes

emzone All Purpose Surface Cleaning Wipes are an ideal accessory to wipe dirt, dust, grime and smudges right off. These pre-moistened wipes can be used to clean a variety of surfaces, including keyboards, desks, telephones, and mice. These lint free wipes leave keyboards completely clean and dust free. Use them every other day to wipe off oil, germs and dirt sitting on keys, and ensure the protection of your health. The wipes will safely clean surfaces without scratching, dripping or streaking. They are also non-toxic, anti-static and completely alcohol-free. Always make sure that the keyboard and other devices are unplugged or turned off before initiating the cleaning process.



emzone Germ Buster

This is a must-have germ fighter for the whole office and the family. Imagine the flu season. Just one sneeze and everyone in the office goes on high-alert. This is the time to build up your defenses, and to ensure that the equipment you use on a daily basis is clean and germ-free. emzone Germ Buster will help you do just that, and can be sprayed on surfaces to immediately clean them. It has a fast drying formula and can be safely used on electronic equipment like computers, keyboards, mice, headphones, USB sticks etc. Germ Buster is also skin friendly and can be sprayed on hands.




Laptop Cleaning Kit

emzone also offers a handy little laptop cleaning kit which comes with a complete set of tools ideal for removing debris from delicate laptop keyboards and for also keeping your laptop’s screen clean and smudge free. The kit contains a non-drip foam screen cleaner, lint-free microfiber cloth and a retractable cleaning brush. The soft bristled brush gently wipes away dust and dirt from keyboards, and will not scratch your equipment’s surface. The kit is easy to use and is travel friendly.




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