How often should I get my car's air conditioning checked?
While you should ask your mechanic for their recommendation, most people have their air conditioning checked annually.


What does the emzone 12A A/C All-In-One Refrigerant product contain?
emzone 12A A/C All-In-One is a multi-purpose product containing: UV Dye for leak detection, Oil Charge universal lubricant, and System Conditioner for O-ring seals. It also helps detect leaks, lubricate A/C systems and repair leaks in O-rings and gasket joints and is system safe.


What are the benefits to using 12A A/C Refrigerant products?
12A A/C Refrigerants products are environmentally friendly replacement alternatives for ozone depleting R-12 and global warming R134a products. They are non-toxic and non-ozone depleting.


How do I use my 12A A/C Refrigerant product?
We have created a handy How-To guide for using these products. Please click here to download the How-To guide.


Where can I purchase emzone A/C Refrigerant products?
Please see our Where to Buy page, where you can search for retailers in your providence that carry emzone A/C Refrigerant products.