Can I use the Odorstop Fabric Refresher in my house?
emzone Odorstop Fabric Refresher is an all-purpose spray that can be used throughout the house on fabrics and carpets to neutralizer odor. When using on furniture or household carpets, always test on an inconspicuous area first.


Can I use a multipurpose cleaner on leather?
Using a multipurpose cleaner is not recommended on leather. Many multipurpose cleaners contain harsh chemicals that can have a negative impact and can damage leather. The emzone Leather Cleaner & Conditioner doesn't contain any harsh chemicals that will damage, dull or discolour your leather.


How often should I wax my car?

A car should be waxed, at minimum, once every 3 to 4 months. Many people who are serious about taking care of their car wax it on a monthly basis. We recommend, for a superior shine, that you use emzone Waterless Wash & Wax with natural Carnauba Wax.


What kind of towel is recommended to apply polishes and wax?
The emzone Microfibre Cleaning Cloth is recommended for applying and buffing polishes and wax. The lint-free cloth won't scratch your vehicle nor leave streaks. It is also machine washable and should be washed in warm or hot water. Air dry or tumble dry at a low temp and do not use fabric softeners or bleach.


How does I use the emzone Odorstop product?
We have created a handy How-To guide for using Odorstop. Please click here to download the How-To guide.


Which product is best for my new car?
Each emzone product is designed to enhance, care for or clean a particular aspect of a car. There isn't one product that does the trick and that wouldn't be ideal anyways. To clean your windshield or windows, use emzone Foaming Glass Cleaner. To clean your rims, use emzone Rim Cleaner then spray emzone Rim Protector which protects rims from dirt, grease and grime for up to four weeks. To remove bugs and tar from your new car, use emzone Bug & Tar Remover. See the complete range of emzone Automotive Care products in order to keep your new car, looking like a new car.


How do I remove salt stains from my vehicle?
Salt stains are common after the winter season. The emzone Salt & Stain Remover is formulated to do a deep clean in order to remove those difficult stains from your floor mats, seats, carpets and upholstery. Hold the can roughly 10 inches away from the surface and spray. Let the product absorb for about 5 minutes. Then, with a brush, scrub away the stains. For tougher stains, a second application may be needed.


How do I keep my rims clean longer?
First, clean your rims with emzone Rim Cleaner to remove dirt, road grime and grease. It will give your rims a brilliant shine. Then, to keep that clean look, spray emzone Rim Protector which forms an invisible barrier protecting your rims and preventing dirt and residue from sticking for up to 4 weeks.


Where can I purchase emzone Automotive Care products?
Please see our Where to Buy page, where you can search for retailers in your providence that carry emzone Automotive Care products.