What is an aerosol?
An aerosol is compressed, enclosed substance that is released as a spray. Products such as hair spray, air freshener, and cleaning products are often found in aerosol formats.


Are aerosol cans recyclable?
Yes, aerosols are recyclable when empty. If the can is full, please contact your local recycling facility about your recycling options.


How do I find out what ingredients are found in products?
Every product that contains any chemicals must disclose the ingredients on the packaging. As well, the Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) details certain ingredients, potential health effects, first aid measures, and various other key information. These are downloadable on our website and can be located below the product description or on the MSDS Downloads page.


Where can I purchase emzone products for myself?
Please see our Where to Buy page, where you can search for retailers in your providence that carry emzone products.


Where can I buy emzone products to use for my business?
For all inquiries regarding buying emzone products for your business, please e-mail us at


Do you have any reference guides on how to use specific emzone products?
All guides can be found on our Reference Guide page for download.


Does emzone support any local community initiatives?
emzone is passionate about giving back to the community. As a Canadian company, emzone proudly sponsors Canadian athletes, teams, and organizations. To find out more about who we currently sponsor, please check out our Sponsorship page.