Announcing the NEW emzone 134a A/C Leak Sealant with U/V Dye

Date: 2012-09-21

emzone is pleased to announce the newest addition to the A/C Refrigerant family, the emzone 134a A/C Leak Sealant with U/V Dye. 

This innovative product has been formulated to repair leaks, and condition o-rings, automotive air conditioning system hoses, and gaskets. For mechanical leaks, a U/V dye pinpoints the leak so it may be repaired.

134a A/C Refrigerant is the current standard refrigerant used in new car, truck and other mobile A/C systems. 134a was developed for the newer automobile air conditioning systems that have replaced R-12 systems used in older vehicles.

134a is a non-ozone depleting and non-flammable product and offers similar energy efficiency to the no longer available R-12. 134a can be used for both commercial and residential refrigeration and A/C applications requiring this refrigerant.

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