Empack Launches Phase Two of emzone Automotive Care Product Line

Date: 2013-10-02

Empack Launches Phase Two of emzone Automotive Care Product Line

Brampton, ON - October 2, 2013- Empack is pleased to announce the launch of Phase Two of their emzone Automotive Care product line after the successful launch of their new detailing and auto appearance products.  The maintenance products are now available in a new packaging design and include lubricants, degreasers, rust control and undercoating.


"The packaging is a new, innovative and exciting design that appeals to the retail DIY audience," says Cameron Brown, Director of Sales & Marketing. "It is now consistent with our appearance products and will help differentiate and set apart emzone in the marketplace."


The product assortment offers a full range of aerosols designed for maintenance and repair.  The emzone Brake & Parts Cleaner has an innovative formulation that dissolves and removes brake dust, grease, dirt, oil, and other residue. The emzone Penetrating Lubricant, Silicone Lube and the solvent-free and silicone-free Tech Lube offer high performance lubrication while helping to stop squeaks and prevent rust.  Each offers a different formula designed for specific applications and use. The emzone Penetrating Foam, with a unique non-drip formula, helps loosen tight and sticky parts in hard to reach and inverted areas. It also has a 360° valve allowing you to spray from any angle.


The emzone brand encompasses a wide range of consumer and professional products in automotive care, computer care, air conditioning refrigerants, and signal air horns.  More information is available at the emzone website www.emzone.ca.


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