emzone Releases “The BIG Can” Non-Chlorinated Brake & Parts Cleaner

Date: 2014-06-25

BRAMPTON, ON – June 25, 2014 – Empack Spraytech Inc. is excited to announce the launch of their new Non-Chlorinated Brake & Parts Cleaner in the form of “The BIG Can” for their emzone product line. Due to the large demand from Trade professionals, Empack Spraytech Inc. needed to create a larger can in order to cater to their customers in the industrial field.

emzone Brake & Parts Cleaner – The BIG Can is an advanced formulation cleaning solvent that works to dissolve and remove grease, oil and dirt from brake parts and C.V. joints, improve brake performance, and reduce disc brake squeal. It also will not leave behind any film or residue and will not damage rubber components or paint when used as directed.

The emzone brand encompasses a wide range of consumer and professional products in automotive care, computer care, air conditioning refrigerants, and signal air horns. Their automotive care line includes cleaning products such as a Waterless Wash & Wax, a Foaming Glass Cleaner and a Foaming Tire Shine. To see a full selection of emzone products, visit the company brand website.

Empack Spraytech Inc. is a leading aerosol manufacturer and custom contract packaging company specializing in consumer products.