134a A/C Refrigerant

134a A/C Refrigerant is the current standard refrigerant used in new car, truck and other mobile A/C systems. The 134a A/C Refrigerant was developed for the newer automobile air conditioning systems that have replaced R-12 systems used in older vehicles.

A/C 12a Equivalent Chart

Item Number
Product Size
13.6 Kg / 30 lb
UPC Number
060480 459293

Review regulations in your area. Recover any existing refrigerant into appropriate container. Do not mix refrigerants. FOR QUALIFIED PERSONNEL ONLY. Not to be used in R-12 A/C Systems.

1. Existing refrigerant may need to be reclaimed by qualified personnel. Local regulations may vary by region and the technician should be aware of all applicable requirements.
2. Inspect connections and hoses for leaks or damage.
3. Locate low side service port and remove dust cap (usually blue). Ensure service port is clean.
4. Connect gauges and hoses to low side service port.
5. Start engine and turn A/C to maximum cool.
6. Add 134a as required to correct pressure. DO NOT OVERCHARGE SYSTEM.
7. After verifying that pressures and temperatures are correct, remove the charging hose from service port and replace dust cap.
8. The air conditioning system will now operate at cooler inside temperatures. Cylinders must be returned undamaged and in a vacuum state with all valves closed and caps in place to be eligible for credit.

For more information, read our product sheet on the 134a A/C Refrigerant.

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