Glass Cleaner Ammonia Fortified

Product Features:

  • Extra-strength cleaning spray
  • Removes stubborn grease, dirt, and grime  
  • Ideal for Windows, mirrors, and other glass surfaces
  • Cleans shiny chrome, porcelain, tiles, and countertops
  • Uniform spray for even coverage
  • Leaves glass and mirrors, extra shiny and streak-free
  • Fast drying formula, leaves no streak and film
  • Not suitable for tinted windows

Product Description: emzone GLASS CLEANER – Ammonia Fortified is an extra-strength formula which thoroughly cleans glass surfaces. Quickly removes stubborn dirt, grease, and grime. Dries fast and never leaves streaks, smears or a film behind. Ideal for windows, mirrors and other glass surfaces. Also, cleans and shines chrome, porcelain, tile and countertops at home and the office. Dispenses spray evenly and covers surfaces for deep cleaning. Do not use on tinted windows.

Item Number
Product Size
517 g / 18.2 oz
UPC Number
060480 440031

• Shake well before using.
• Spray can approximately 20-30 cm (8"-12") from surface.
• Wipe with a clean soft cloth.
• NOTE: For best results on vertical surfaces work from top to bottom.

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