Carpet & Upholstery Foaming Cleaner

emzone Carpet & Upholstery Foam Cleaner stain fighting formula quickly cleans carpets, fabric, and vinyl. The deep cleaning foam gently lifts and removes grease, dirt, and stains without saturating. The Carpet & Upholstery Foam Cleaner dries quickly without leaving any residue to prevent re-soiling. It is ideal for carpets, floor mats, and upholstery including seats.

Item Number
Product Size
500 g / 18 oz
UPC Number
060480 440161

• Vacuum area to be cleaned.
• Shake container well before using.
• Spray directly on surface to be cleaned.
• Scrub lightly with brush cap provided, a sponge or other upholstery brush.
• Dry area completely with a clean towel or cloth.
• Once dry, vacuum area again.

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