OdorStop Fabric Refresher

Product Features:

  • Fresh and clean smell, tackles bad odor
  • Eliminates odors, does not just mask them
  • Use on hard to wash fabrics, such as upholstery, car seats, carpets
  • Suitable to use around the house on curtains, couches and decorative cushions
  • Freshens up the air in the car or in the house
  • Not suitable to be used on silk, leather, suede or fabrics that may develop spots

Product Description: Perk up the interior of automobiles in just a few sprays. Easy to use, mist spray eliminates any lingering odors on hard-to-wash fabrics, carpets, and upholstery by neutralizing odor molecules. Available in Fresh Linen fragrance.


Item Number
Product Size
275ml / 9.3 fl oz
UPC Number
060480 442257


  • Turn nozzle on trigger to SPRAY position
  • Spray fabrics and carpets until slightly damp to eliminate odors
  • For a noticeable freshness, spray in a sweeping motion
  • Allow to dry
  • Do not ingest

To learn more about emzone OdorStop, feel free to read our product sheet.

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Reviewed by Mark Hunter

Just tried this product and so far so good.bought a new used car and it had a clean but vanilla smell(i hate vanilla smell) this smell is not perfume like it is more clean,slight "chemically"if that is even a word.will keep trying and see how long the emzone lasts.try it

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