Aeroflow Spigot / Tap for 18.9L Pail

The Aeroflow Spigot is designed for the emzone Non-Chlor. Brake & Parts Cleaner - Pail Threaded For Spigot. The spigot allows easy filling from pails when the pail is placed in a cradle.  The spigot reduces spills and offers a controlled fill. 

18mm Aeroflow Tap with 3/4" Threaded Adaptor self-venting and air-returning taps provide glug-free dispensing.  With a divider fitted in the spigot, the Aeroflow separates the streams of liquid and air, ensuring the safe, convenient dispense of liquids from plastic or metal containers. The result is an effortless, glug-free dispense, with no hazard, no waste and no need for secondary venting. The Aeroflow also removes the need for lifting heavy containers and so makes a significant contribution to safety in the work-place.

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• With the pail in the upright position, unscrew the cap from the treaded opening.
• Insert and thread spigot into opening.
• Ensure spigot is in the OFF position before placing pail on cradle

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