Silicone Lube

emzone Silicone Lube contains 100% pure high viscosity silicone. It lubricates, stops squeaks and prevents rust. The emzone Silicone Lube is ideal for use on rubber parts around windows, doors, trunk lids, mounts and contact points on hoods and prevents rubber from freezing and sticking to metal. It also helps keep rubber flexible. For use at home on garage doors, windows, doors, drawers and cabinets and helps rustproof tools and barbecues.

Item Number
Product Size
312 g / 11 oz
UPC Number
060480 450061

• Shake well before using.
• Hold can in an upright position.
• Spray on to surface from a distance of 20-30 cm (8"-12"). Use extension tube for hard to reach areas.
• Allow 1 or more minutes to penetrate area or part.

Preserve rubber and prevents it from freezing and sticking to metal; keeps rubber flexible.

Various household uses include lubricating door hinges, shower heads, threads on bolts, garden hose threads or any thread or mechanism that can be lubricated.

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