Air Duster Double Pack

emzone Air Duster Double Pack is a great value for those who have electronics in different locations (work and home). The Air Dusters clean dust, dirt and lint from computers, electronics, office equipment, and automobiles by blasting air and other chemicals. The air duster can be used on a wide-range of products including keyboards, printers, CD/DVD/blu-ray players, telephones, and photocopiers. The air duster is great for hard to reach areas and is non-ozone depleting, leaves zero residue, is moisture-free and non-VOC.

Item Number
Product Size
2 x 10 oz / 284g
UPC Number
060480 470229


  • Do not shake, tilt, or turn can upside down before or during use
  • Turn off all equipment before spraying.
  • Remove small tab on top of actuator.
  • Hold can upright 5cm (2") from item and use short blasts to clean.

DO NOT use on camera mirrors.

For more information, read our product sheet on emzone Air Duster!

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