LED, LCD & Plasma Foam Screen Cleaner with Cloth

emzone LED, LCD & Plasma Foam Screen Cleaner with Cloth pack is a great value. The Screen Cleaner foam effortlessly cleans computer monitors, tablets, LED, LCD & Plasma televisions, HDTV, laptops, GPS devices, game consoles, and smartphones. The innovative formula helps eliminate fingerprints and residue without leaving any drips or marks on your electronic device. The anti-static, protective coating helps preserve the cleanliness of the product longer and does not contain ammonia. The addition of the Microfibre Cloth simplifies the cleaning process by quickly wiping the Screen Cleaner and drying your product resulting in a sparkling shine.



Item Number
Product Size
400 g / 14 oz
UPC Number
060480 470465


  • Turn off equipment before cleaning.
  • Spray screen from a distance of 15 cm (6").
  • Wipe clean and dry with a soft, clean, lint free microfibre cloth.
  • For smaller surfaces, spray onto cloth first and then wipe.

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