Germ Buster

emzone Germ Buster effectively fights germs and bacteria on all surfaces including keyboards, phones, handheld and office equipment. It is a fast drying formula and can be used directly on hands. The emzone Germ Buster is ideal for around the house, office, or when travelling.

Warning: Do not use on LCD or plasma computer screens or televisions.

Item Number
Product Size
4.5 oz / 128 g
UPC Number
060480 470809


  • Turn off all equipment before spraying.
  • Shake well.
  • Hold can upright 25 cm (10") from item and spray light mist on surface.
  • Leave to dry before turning equipment on (wipe excess with a dry cloth).
  • For sensitive equipment, spray first on cloth, and then wipe down item.

For more information, read our product sheet on emzone Germ Buster!

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