Chain Cleaner

Emzone Chain Cleaner is a fast-acting degreaser that quickly removes oil, grime, dirt, sand and greases from your drivetrain. The easy-to-use cleaner is compatible with O, X and Z rings and designed to eliminate stubborn encrusted deposits from bike chains without damaging seals and rings if overspray occurs.

• QUICKLY REMOVES Oil, Sand, Dirt & Grease
• O-X-Z ring compatible


PRODUCT SIZE   390 g / 13.8 oz
UPC NUMBER   060480 450306

1. Shake can well before use
2. Spray an even coat directly on the spot to be cleaned from 15cm (6”). Use an extension tube for smaller surfaces.
3. Use a brush for extra-stubborn grease.
4. Product will begin to work immediately.
5. Let the product sit for a few minutes.
6. Wipe off the surface with a clean cloth.
7. Repeat if necessary.

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