Emzone Auto Care offers premium quality products for the maintenance, care and cleaning of cars, trucks, boats and other vehicles and equipment.

Emzone products have been developed working with trade professionals for over 15 years and they deliver performance and results you can trust. This includes a wide assortment of solutions for maintenance, appearance, and odor treatment.

Emzone is available at major retail chains and independent stores across Canada and the USA.

Emzone Computer Care offers a premium quality assortment of solutions for the cleaning and care of computer screens, monitors, tablets, laptops, navigation units, game consoles, smartphones, and a wide range of other electronic devices.

The product line includes air dusters, screen cleaning sprays, wipes and microfibre cloths.

Emzone Computer Care is available at major retail chains and independent stores across Canada.

Our mission is to be a leader in the Automotive Care, Computer Care, A/C Refrigerants and Signal Air Horn markets. By producing premium quality products and having competitive pricing, we provide businesses Canadian manufactured products. We strive to support our customers by providing exceptional customer service. Through constant innovation, we work towards creating better products and better service. As a Canadian brand, we believe in supporting Canadian athletes, teams and organizations through our sponsorship programs.

Our industry-leading professionals offer significant expertise in developing the best inventive products that help support your everyday life and projects.

We are proud to be a member of the Auto Care Association. The Auto Care Association is dedicated to helping vehicles last longer by ensuring , perform better, and keep drivers safe. By being a member of the Auto Care Association we manufacture, distribute, and sell Automotive Care products .