Emzone Radical Cup Canada


Title Sponsor for ERCC since 2021. Emzone owns Radical # 77. We have been participating in national-level race series. Emzone branding is on all the participating radicals. Mainstream media coverage – TSN, RDS, MAV TV.

  • Emzone is partnering with Jonathan Woolridge to drive Emzone Radical for the 2022 season.
  • Working with Radical Canada to provide a support team for Emzone Radical.
  • Secured 1st position at Race 1, 3 and 4 and 2nd position at race 2.

Elvis Stojko

Fast Auto Concepts

Elvis Stojko is a three-time World Champion figure skater and a passionate racer. Emzone has sponsored Elvis since 2012, including his karting races. Now transitioning to race cars. Elvis Stojko & Luca Solaroli of Fast Auto Concepts will race their newly built Audi A5 race cars. Emzone products have been keeping both cars running fast and looking sharp.

Luca Solaroli

Fast Auto Concepts

Elvis Stojko & Luca Solaroli will drive their newly constructed Audi A5 race cars. Partnership to Emzone brand races. Emzone products are used for both cars to keep them running fast and looking good.

Marcello Paniccia

Zone Mechanical

Emzone has sponsored Marcello for national kart races, including the Motomaster Ron Fellows Karting Championship 2022. The young karting champion drives the CL Charles Leclerc Kart from Birel (Senior Shifter). Since 2019, Emzone has supported Zone Mechanical with its products.

Wade Watson

Racing 2022

Wade Watson’s race series has been sponsored consistently by Emzone. Racing with, General Motors 602 Crate engine.



We have partnered with Dua Motorsports. Bike show brand integration. Race kits with Emzone & Zytec branding.


Rally Team

Technical Sponsor for the season 2022. Emzone branded race car, Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution 9 GT.