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  • 12A A/C Recharge Kit including Hose with Gauge

    This emzone kit contains the necessary items to recharge an A/C system efficiently and safely. This emzone kit contains: -2 emzone 12A A/C Cool Refrigerants -1 Recharge Hose with Gauge -A/C Retrofit Conversion Fitting -A/C Refrigerant Oil Tester A/C 12a Equivalent Chart

    ITEM NUMBER   45885
    PRODUCT SIZE   n/a
    UPC NUMBER   060480 458852
    For detailed How-to-Use instructions, download the How-To article. You are also able to zoom into the photos when you click on them.
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  • Refrigerant Oil Injector

    Refrigerant Oil Injector is a premium, screw down injection system with 1/4" Fitting. To inject oil or dye, connect the injector to the low side A/C service port and twist handle. Add snap coupler for R134a use. Capacity range from 1/4 oz. (7.5 ml) to 2 oz. (60 ml).

    ITEM NUMBER   45340
    PRODUCT SIZE   n/a
    UPC NUMBER    n/a
    See User Reference Guide for information and details.
  • A/C Retrofit Conversion Fitting

    A/C Retrofit Conversion Fittings low side adaptor allows for the servicing of older mobile A/C systems and is to be used on the low side A/C service port.
    ITEM NUMBER   45554
    PRODUCT SIZE    n/a
    UPC NUMBER     060480 455547
    1. Turn off engine. 2. Locate low side service port and remove blue protective cap. 3. Attach conversion fitting to low side service port without over tightening. 4. Attached R-134a hose as instructed. 5. Replace blue protective cap when finished.
  • Refrigerant Oil Tester

    A/C Refrigerant Oil Tester is the ideal diagnostic tool to visually display problems or service requirements with A/C systems. With visual results in less than five minutes, the Refrigerant Oil Tester tests the A/C system for sufficient fluid levels and the condition of the refrigerant oil.
    ITEM NUMBER   45346
    PRODUCT SIZE    n/a
    UPC NUMBER    060480 453468
    1. Start vehicle. 2. Once cold, run A/C system for 1 minute. 3. Turn vehicle off. 4. Press the single use Oil Tester to low pressure port 3 times. 5. Check colour USE ONLY on low side service port. DO NOT CONNECT to high side service port of system as this could result in serious injury.
  • 12A A/C Refrigerant Cylinder

    emzone 12A A/C Cool Refrigerant is an environmentally friendly replacement alternative for ozone depleting R-12 and global warming R134a products. It is non-toxic and non-ozone depleting. The 12A A/C Cool Refridgerant also contains high performance oil to improve system efficiency and is system safe. A/C 12a Equivalent Chart

    ITEM NUMBER   45899
    PRODUCT SIZE   5.4 Kg / 12 lb
    UPC NUMBER     060480 458999
    See User Reference Guide for information and details.
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  • 134a A/C Refrigerant

    134a A/C Refrigerant is the current standard refrigerant used in new car, truck and other mobile A/C systems. The 134a A/C Refrigerant was developed for the newer automobile air conditioning systems that have replaced R-12 systems used in older vehicles. A/C 12a Equivalent Chart

    ITEM NUMBER   45929 PRODUCT SIZE   13.6 Kg / 30 lb UPC NUMBER   060480 459293
    Review regulations in your area. Recover any existing refrigerant into appropriate container. Do not mix refrigerants. FOR QUALIFIED PERSONNEL ONLY. Not to be used in R-12 A/C Systems. 1. Existing refrigerant may need to be reclaimed by qualified personnel. Local regulations may vary by region and the technician should be aware of all applicable requirements. 2. Inspect connections and hoses for leaks or damage. 3. Locate low side service port and remove dust cap (usually blue). Ensure service port is clean. 4. Connect gauges and hoses to low side service port. 5. Start engine and turn A/C to maximum cool. 6. Add 134a as required to correct pressure. DO NOT OVERCHARGE SYSTEM. 7. After verifying that pressures and temperatures are correct, remove the charging hose from service port and replace dust cap. 8. The air conditioning system will now operate at cooler inside temperatures. Cylinders must be returned undamaged and in a vacuum state with all valves closed and caps in place to be eligible for credit.
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