Microfibre Cleaning Cloth (Single Pack)

emzone Microfibre Screen Cleaning Cloth smoothly dusts and cleans computer monitors, LCDs, laptops, cameras, smartphones, tablets and television screens without leaving scratches or streaks. It is also safe, non-abrasive and lint free making it great for home or office use. The emzone Microfibre Screen Cleaning Cloth is machine washable and can be used in combination with a Screen Cleaner for maximum benefit.


PRODUCT SIZE   30 cm x 20 cm (12” x 8”)

UPC NUMBER   060480 470687


  • Turn off equipment before cleaning.
  • Wipe area with dry cloth to remove dust and lint. For smudge marks and fingerprints use with an emzone Cleaning spray.
  • Spray screen then wipe clean and dry with the emzone Microfibre cleaning cloth.