Ultimate Shine

Product Features:

  • Protects and renews car’s interior
  • Suitable for dashboard, air vents, doors and truck seats
  • Repels dust and provides matte finish
  • Anti-static formula
  • Protects against UV damage
  • Ideal for use in cars, boats, and trucks
  • Provides rich matte finish on vinyl, leather, rubber and plastic surfaces
  • Do not apply to steering wheels or foot pedals

Product Description: emzone ULTIMATE SHINE provides professional shine to your vehicle. It beautifies and renews the vehicle’s interior. Spray emzone Ultimate Shine on dashboards, air vents, doors and truck seats. The anti-static formula repels dust and prevents vehicles from any UV damage. Ideal to be used in cars, trucks, boats. It also provides high-gloss shine when used on vinyl, leather, rubber and plastic surfaces.


PRODUCT SIZE   400 g / 14 oz
UPC NUMBER   060480 440192

• Shake container before using
• Hold can 20-30 cm (8″-12″) from area to be treated
• Spray a light mist directly on a clean surface
• Wipe any excess with a clean, soft cloth

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