1234yf Replacement A/C Cool Refrigerant

emzone 1234yf Replacement Refrigerant is an environmentally friendly replacement product for use with new 1234yf systems. High performance. Nontoxic, non-ozone depleting and system safe.

PRODUCT SIZE   170 g / 6 oz
UPC NUMBER   060480 458302

emzone® A/C COOL REFRIGERANT has been formulated to be a replacement for 1234yf in car, truck, tractor and boat A/C systems.

DIRECTIONS: Review regulations in your area. Recover any existing refrigerant into appropriate container. Do not mix refrigerants.
1. Connect tap end of charging hose to can.
2. Connect charging hose to low side pressure service port and invert can.
3. With compressor off, install minimum charge of liquid by tapping valve.
4. After minimum charge is achieved, start compressor and turn system  to maximum.
5. Add additional 1234yf replacement as required to correct pressure. Do  not overcharge system.
6. Remove charging hose and check system for leaks.
7. Apply 1234yf replacement label on A/C system in visible area near service port.

See User Reference Guide for additional information and details.


DO NOT connect to high pressure side of system as can may burst.

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