12a A/C Dryer

emzone 12a A/C Dryer contains a moisture removing additive that converts moisture in the A/C system into synthetic oil and helps remove contaminants. We recommend the use of emzone 12a A/C Dryer prior to the use of emzone 12a A/C Stop Leak or A/C System Conditioner. This will help ensure all moisture has been removed from the air conditioning system.

A/C 12a Equivalent Chart

PRODUCT SIZE   114 g / 4 oz
UPC NUMBER   060480 458548

emzone® A/C DRYER has been formulated to remove harmful moisture that can cause damage to A/C systems. This can occur as the result of a system leak.

DIRECTIONS: A/C System should be sufficiently charged and compressor engaged before installing product.
1. Shake can well.
2. Connect tap end of recharge hose to can.
3. Connect recharge hose to low side pressure service port.
4. Start engine and turn A/C to maximum cooling.
5. Ensure compressor is running and invert can.
6. Open valve of recharge hose and install contents into A/C system.
7. Remove recharge hose and check system for leaks.

See User Reference Guide for additional information and details.


DO NOT connect to high pressure side of system as can may burst.

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